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Award # 1 - Awesome Tribute
Awesome Tribute Award # 1
Award #2 - Majestic Memorial
Majestic Memorial Award # 2
Award #3 - Patriotic Website
Patriotic Website Award # 3
Award #4 - Creativity
Creative Website Award # 4
Award #5 - Beautiful Website
Beautiful Website Award # 5
Military Website Award
Military Website Award # 6
Award #7 - Fabulous Fantasy Site
Fabulous Fantasy Site Award # 7
Award #6 - Fantasy Site
Fantasy Site Award # 8
Award #9 - Inspirational
Inspirational Award # 9
Award #10 - Magical Realm
Magical Realm Award # 10
Award #11 - Merit
Merit Award # 11
Award #12 - Website Excellence
Website Excellence # 12



While the events of September 11, 2001 are nothing short
of horrific, it is equally impressive the way we have all
come together and shown our feelings and concerns for
those we did not know or even meet.

This is where this page and these awards come in. A small
way of acknowledging the time and efforts of website authors
everywhere. Just Our little way of saying "Thanks" for Caring!

Do You know of a Website deserving of Recognition?
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Award Submission Criteria

  • Webmaster has created a majority of the Content
    (not just copy and paste or links to Other Sites Content, using Site Builders, templates, etc are fine)
  • Be Original, Innovative, Creative
    (Not just a list of links or graphics, must include interactive content for visitors)
  • Simple and Easy Navigation to pages on the site
    (easily move from page to page, not have to use back button, etc)
  • Minimal Broken Links 
    (links that don't work or misdirected)
  • Minimal Missing Graphics
    (incorrect links to graphics, linking to graphics on other sites)
  • Family Friendly Content
    (NO Adult, Pornography, Illegal or Unlawful Content)
  • No Commercial Sites
    I will only consider personal websites and some small group or non profit sites
  • Preferably English Content since it is what I know.
    At least offer an English Version or Content

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NOTE: I send a copy of the information I receive to the page author, 
if you wish to remain anonymous, please note that in the description.
Emails are only sent to winning websites! 

While I am generous with my awards, I reserve the right to deny 
and/or refuse a website for any reason


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