This presentation for which you are about to see, if you choose to download it, is a heartfelt expression intended to memorialize the events and to touch the hearts of the world regarding the tragedy that has occurred on September 11th, 2001. This work was inspired in part by Moby's song entitled "Song For My Mother". The creator of this work has not prior sought clearances for the embodiment of Moby's music for use in this work and is not seeking presently any profit or remuneration which might potentially be derived and construed thereby as commercial exploitation or exhibition. If there is any party that would seek objection by the performance available hereby, please contact immediately the creator at the provided link below. We hope that you find this a moving experience and furthermore reach out to and express our gratitude towards any and all individuals, groups or organizations that might feel thusly inspired to provide any assistance in furthering and sharing this message of peace and harmony throughout the world.


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Film Running Time: 4:30

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Others Links:

Joe B has been shooting Still photos of the World Trade Center for the past
15 years and has put up a collection of photos at his site.


Michael Kerr has put together an in-depth Tribute site. Please go see it.


For additional information
concerning this project e-mail:


Some responses I've gotten from viewers of this film:


I am so glad you created this short. At the time I'm sure it was just
another job to pay the bills. It is now a memorial that will be revered from
now on.

It absorbed me into a typical day within the WTC that seems so familiar,
never to be repeated again.

Thank You.


Bob A.


Dear Robert,

I just viewed your video of the World Trade Center. It was a beautiful piece, although I am ashamed to say it has become more of a reality to what happened there in New York City. I live in the Seattle area and have never been to NY..but after watching your video, I realized how many people moved through those buildings every minute of the day... how tragic. Thank you for opening my eyes to the great sorrow so many people are facing today and will for the rest of their lives. It has affected all of us in some way, but I can not fathom the intense shock and pain so much of the East Coast must be going through... God Bless Us Everyone.

Gloria Schneider



Your movie left me speechless.......I am a Canadian Infantry soldier who is rarely in such a state....The link was posted on a newsgroup. (as you probaly already know).... It should be put into the Smithsonian or is truly the best thing I have seen come out of this tragedy.......

Todd Howard


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the beautiful video.

Pam :-)


I am writing just to let you know that your tribute to the WTC was a welcome change to the gloom and doom that we have been bombarded with lately. The imagery of everyday life combined with the sadness of Moby's song is a nice juxtaposition and well used in your film. Thank you for sharing this fine piece of work with all of us.

-- Brian


Thank you Robert for sharing that beautiful piece with all of us.

Bob Steward
Birmingham, AL


Beautiful work. Have you considered selling copies on VHS or DVD? I would
love to have a better quality copy. Let me know if you do.

Thanks for the memory.




i just watched your movie on the wtc towers. Great job, you captured what the towers where about and presented it in a beatiful way.



While I did not lose anyone in the attack, I've lived in Long Island all my life. After a million trips to the city over the bridges and overhead in planes I felt a sense of pride in the architecture of New York. And while first and foremost I grieve for the of people affected directly by this, I was very touched in your memorial to the people and the buildings.
Thank you very much.
Rob Otterbeck
Massapequa, NY



That brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for preserving what was there.
I don't know what else to say.

Once again thanks.

Joe B.


Hello Robert,

I viewed your photos of the WTC.
I'm from the Netherlands (utrecht, 30 minutes from Amsterdam), my name is Henk and I
visited the WTC for the first time in 1982, when i was 20 years old.

The WTC was one of the reasons I wanted to visit NY.
In '82 my dream came true and I was in New York for 2 days (...). Of course I went to the top.
The view was indescribable. The highest tower in my town is a church-tower of 110 meter. So you can imagine how I felt.
After that weekend I promised myself, that I would come back more often. And so I did in 1987 (2 weeks), 1992 (another 2 weeks)
and the last time I saw the WTC in 1998 (1 week).

Next year I celebrate my 40th birthday. On September 11 I was at the travel agency planning my next visit in 2002
(and for the first time the west coast). I don't now what the feature will bring for us all, but I now I will return to NY someday.
Thank you for sharing your photos.
God Bless,

I'm in a New York state of mind...........



I can't begin to thank you for your wonderful video expression of our horrific disaster...As a New Yorker, living in California, your video and photographs, (along with other photo essays) has brought an incredible amount of solace as I've tried to make sense of this tragedy.



Dear Sir,

Just want to say I say you short film about the WTC
and was very moved by it. I have visited 'that place'
a couple of years ago (I am from the UK) and it
brought back a load of memories- the awe of it all,
surrounded by so much concrete and steel - yet how
remarkable that the place had a soul, a life. Whilst
watching it a thought entered my mind - alot of the
people you photographed probably died in the disaster.
Which I suppose made the film even more special

I wish i could be more eloquent in expressing my
emotions - but that's why I loved your film - it kinda
sums up that undefinable feeling.


Mr. Praveen Chitrapu


Hello Robert,

I can't express how grateful I am that you put this up on the web. Over the
years of my life, I had been in and around the Trade Centers, commuting,
shopping, going to the offices of a film festival that I work with on John
Street and then traveling back uptown through the Trade Centers. I used to
commute to Jersey City through the PATH station. I was once offered a job at
a convention being held in the hotel there that changed the course of my
career. My credit union had there offices there. I celebrated Fourth of
July there with friends one year. Toured the observation deck on a family

I even remember which of the escalators was slower than the others, so I
could go on a faster one (the second to right as you left the PATH area).
The Sephora where I would stop and marinate myself in CK One before hopping
on the 1 or 9 to go uptown again. The excitement when they opened The Gap
and Banana Republic. The New World Coffee place that was so good for a rich
cup of Joe before I'd go to my credit union to make a deposit.

Your footage captured all of the places I usually traversed while being down
there. It was so good to see it again-pristine and whole. I hang on dearly
to these memories, but to see your footage will never allow me to forget how
majestic and powerful they were. How proud they made me to be an American.
How clean and organized it always seemed to be. The Towers and that area
always made me feel safe, like no one could ever touch us with these stalwart
buildings lording over lower Manhattan. I usually couldn't help but smile at
least once whenever I was down there...they really made me happy and proud.

I lost two people I knew in the tragedy...none of us is impervious to that
kind of experience now...I hope you didn't lose anyone...

I've e-mailed the link to your movie to several friends and I hope you will
have it up for a while. Is there any possible way I can download it so that
I can look at it from time-to-time?? Please let me know.

Again, thanks so much for doing this.

Best Regards,
Jeanine Troisi



I downloaded the video you made from your footage of the World Trade
Center. I got busy with life and never had a chance to view it until
tonight. I found and remembered that I downloaded it by accident, while
clearing out some files on my system.

You made a very beautiful thing. The music, the places you filmed. It was
sad and very powerful. I have only been to New York once in my life, when I
was much younger than I am now. I remember seeing those buildings in the
distance when my family visited.

We never went to the World Trade Center. We just saw the towers from
afar. Seeing your short, really put things into perspective for me.

I had heard the numbers, we all have. I just could never really see the
numbers. I have to thank you, for letting me see things in a way, that I had
not been able to see before. Now, I can better understand the terrible price
this act against us has wrought. I just hope that we, as Americans, are
doing the right thing.

I could write my feelings about this all night long and still not be able
to fully address all of the thoughts and emotion that this deserves. All I
can say is thank you. Thank you for putting together something that helped
me to more clearly see what I had not seen before.

Robert A. Adkins II


Hello -

I just wanted to tell you that the WTC Life movie is a very touching
depiction of WTC. I'm from Chicago, and while I was never around the
WTC - I definitely understand what it represents to NYC. I can't even
fathom returning and not seeing those beautiful towers the next time
I visit again.

Anyways - my hats off to you. How much traffic is the site getting?
I might be able to do a mirror.



I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, peaceful tribute.



Amazing piece of work, I just wanted to comment on how much this piece moved me. I was actually brought to tears. You have created a beautiful memoriam of what once was and will always be in our hearts.

Kate Failor


i just watched your video...WTC Life...and am glad to say it finally brought tears to my eyes. I have had trouble dealing with the fact that those buildings are gone, even though i stood atop the south tower just last july. i have had trouble dealing with this, and it feels good to finally be able to cry. Thank you robert.


Dear Robert:

I just wanted to drop you and Joe a short note telling you that the video
and photo collection you have posted are very, very moving. Very well
done -- congratulations to both of you for capturing the majesty as well as
the minutae of the center.

Take care,

Kelly Patterson



Copyright Robert Lieblein, 2002, All Rights Reserved.