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My name is Michael and I live in Canton, Ohio in the United States.  I was nearly 40 years old when the attack occurred.  I am married and have 3 children.  


The name for my domain was actually the name of a character in a Play by Mail game.  My Room Mate in College joined the game and decided to get me involved. He chose tthe name "Wer Is Myki" for my character.

It seems that after College I was rather hard to track down and therefore left all my friends asking "Where is Mikey?"

When I decided to obtain my own Domain, the name was elementary. Now WerisMyki has a home on the Web and can always be found!


I had woke up, like any other morning, and gotten the kids off to school.  I contemplated what I would begin doing around the house.  I had just recently had major eye surgery and was on a restricted activity schedule.  Then the phone rang, my wife was clearly upset and asked me if I had the TV on.  So I turned it on and joined the vast millions witnessing the events as they unfolded.

I would be glued to the TV, as many were, for most of the day.  When it was time to pick the kids up from school, reality set in.  While waiting outside the school, I was talking with other parents.  An 8 year old girl emerged from the school crying hysterically.   One of the other parents got her to calm down enough to ask her why she was crying.   She told us she was afraid that someone was going to crash a plane into the school.   The shock that had gripped me for most of the day suddenly turned to Anger!   You Bastards!  How Dare You!

For two days I watched the story of September 11th unfold.   Many of the Major Networks carried the coverage non-commercial.  I switched channels on occasion to gather differing views and opinions.  When it occurred to me that I needed to document this somehow.  I wanted to remember this and I wanted others to remember  this, years from now and I didn't believe major websites would have this information for any length of time.

I started working on collecting information and images and loading them on a free website, Yahoo Geocities, just three days after 9/11.  It only took a few days to figure out that this wasn't adequate for the amount of traffic that would visit the pages I created and opted to pay for more space and bandwidth.  It was only a short period of time until I realized that this wasn't going to be enough either.

I had contemplated obtaining my own domain name for sometime and it seemed that now was the perfect time to do so.  I registered and paid for the domain name and began looking for a dedicated hosting service with adequate resources to host my growing website.  So in October, 2001 the website was moved to Readyhosting under my new domain name werismyki.com.  

The website continued to grow from a few pages and images (about  500 - 750 KB) to over 300 pages, images, and files (over 750MB).  Things would go fairly well until February 1, 2004.

Shortly after the Superbowl 2004, the website started to get a tremendous amount of traffic caused by the Janet Jackson incident during the halftime show.  I have some information on the halftime show from the Superbowl 2002 on the website.  The mass influx of visitors was overwhelming and put a serious strain on the servers of the Hosting Service.  On February 4th, they suspended my website for excessive traffic which was in violation of their Terms of Service.

There would be several highly charged exchanges between me and them over the situation.  In the end, they opted to cancel my account and I was now without a hosting service and my website had been offline for nearly 3 days.  I quickly found another hosting service and waited for the dreaded domain propagation process to run its course.  

After nearly a week, the website was back online.  It was also clear, that the enormous amount of traffic through the website had not diminished by the past weeks hiatus.  Not to repeat the same problem of the previous hosting service I deliberately left out some of the larger video files from the website to lessen the impact on the hosting servers.  However, in reviewing my traffic history and the new hosting service bandwidth restrictions, I realized that I would not be able to remain here for any length of time either.

I began looking for another hosting service that could supply my bandwidth needs.  After only 3 weeks, I was moving my website again to another hosting service.  Hopefully, this one will last for some time.  The traffic from the Superbowl 2004 appears to have dropped off and traffic is resuming to normal.  I am now faced with updating and correcting pages that were lost or corrupted during the transitions.  Files have all been uploaded and available again.  Forms on the website are functioning again after being out for nearly a month and a half.  If you find any errors or non functioning sections, please let me know.

In order for you to gain a perspective on the tremendous amount of traffic after the Superbowl 2004 I have included a little table of statistics below.  The Statistics I kept were 
Sessions - number of unique visitors
Hits - number of requests for information from the server
Page Views - the number of pages viewed
Kilobytes - measurement of bandwidth transferred from the server.

Below you will find the table lists the traffic for the Month of Sep, 2002, Sep. 2003, The total for the website Oct 2001 to Jan 2004, the week of Feb 1 - 7, 2004, and the averages for a normal week.


SEP 2002 25,666 306,144 30,363 25,977,827
SEP 2003 24,777 312,609 30,997 54,470,579
OCT 2001 - JAN 2004 281,733 2,821,903 348,699 334,011,777
FEB 1 - 7, 2004 391,284 4,715,562 421,747 212,365,622
WEEKLY AVERAGES 3,335 32,389 3,924 4,938,295



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